About Us

About Chapterhouse Education whereabouts, the school is located in the heart of the city. It has a customized campus designed to create an environment in which every student can thrive. Established in 2017 by a highly committed and passionate educator, Chapterhouse Education offers primary and secondary education, designed for the challenges of the future.

At Chapterhouse we believe that every child has the innate ability to excel when they are treated as individuals, with different learning styles. This is the guiding principle, which underpins our teaching philosophy.  We bring together the best of traditional teaching techniques and the latest in educational technology for a holistic, multi-discipline approach to make sure that our students have all the skills they need to grow into exceptional adults. Therefore, we introduce countless interesting and creative class activities which make learning fun.  With a focus on creating the right balance between enrichment activities and academics, our students are exposed to arts, sports, music and mindfulness activities like yoga from an early age. On the academic front, each student has access to our well-equipped computer labs, SMART Boards, innovative educational software, web based learning and more.

The key philosophy about Chapterhouse Education is our belief that our students have the ability and desire to succeed in any field they set their mind to. So join our growing family today to ensure that your child has is fully equipped to take advantage of all the opportunities life has to offer.

Our Values


One of the most cherishing factors about Chapterhouse Education is the respect culture we thoroughly maintain. The school is a family, with every member fully committed to a culture of tolerance and compassion. We work as a team, with each other, our students and their parents in an environment of mutual respect, support and understanding.


We believe that children are at the peak of their learning potential when they are fully engaged with what they are doing on a daily basis. Our creative curriculum founded on the “Theory Of Multiple Intelligences” is a reflection of this attitude. Our highly qualified and deeply committed teachers and staff lead their charges in an inventive, effective and capable manner.


We are proud to develop and maintain the highest standards of behavior, encouraging our students to be accountable for their actions.  We care about the school and each other, we hold each other responsible for acting in the best interest of everyone involved. Our parent partners also play a vital role in this regard.


We encourage a focus on creativity and innovation through our syllabus and our teaching methods. We pool a diverse set of perspectives and experiences to deliver an educational methodology that delivers results.


Truthfulness and accountability form another critical aspect about chapterhouse education. We encourage our students to keep their promises and focus on creating confidence in their ability to face the future. Every student is required to treat each other, their surroundings and their environment with respect and take pride in their appearance, creating a sense of community and shared expectations.

Our Ethos

A dynamic learning environment in which children are supported, respected, encouraged and motivated as individuals.

Only the highest standards of teaching, while creating a safe and secure environment for every child that enters our doors.

To develop excellent relationships with parents. We believe that the link with the home is critical and we work in partnership to drive effective education.

that children are our future both locally and globally and as such they must understand their role in a changing multicultural world.

that every child is valued and celebrated, instilling a sense of pride and confidence in themselves and each other.

a broad, creative curriculum that stimulates the mind and embeds the basic skills required to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

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