Teaching Philosophy

Chapterhouse teaching philosophy is purely based on brain friendly learning. That’s how we have customized our academics. We believe in delivering “Brain Friendly Learning”, an education philosophy underpinned by the principles of the “Theory Of Multiple Intelligences”.   The focus of Chapterhouse teaching philosophy is on targeting key abilities like Kinesthetic, Musical, Linguistic, Mathematical, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal learning abilities.  Current scientific studies indicate that linking the different systems of the brain during the learning process improves the transfer of knowledge to long-term memory.

Brains operate in patterns, by regularly pointing out and reinforcing these patterns during studies, teachers reinforce knowledge and how it is being organized in the child’s brain.  We know that the child’s success depends on feeling safe, secure and comfortable in a positive and congenial environment. By making sure that multiple senses are engaged during the learning process, memory becomes more accurate and retention periods are enhanced.

Chapterhouse teaching philosophy is backed up by various tools and techniques. Clear and concise lesson plans, a question based teaching approach, effective use of multiple media, both physical and digital, we ensure that your child performs at the pinnacle of their learning potential. We share supportive material, suggestions and ideas with parents periodically on Chapterhouse blog. It serves as a guideline for them as to how to play their role more effectively throughout the learning journey of their children.