Playgroup At A Glance

This is one of the most critical points in a child’s learning existence. It is where there relationship with knowledge is formed. Using an experiential, hands-on approach, we focus on this learning process. Children conduct tasks, interact with their environment, understand their community and discover key relationships – they learn how to collaborate and understand how they are different from and yet similar to those around them. Our extensively trained teaching team is experienced in the areas of elementary education. By bringing together children, parents and teachers we create an environment where each child receives customized attention, based on their strengths and interests.

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Reading Skills

  • Alphabet Recognition With Phonics
  • Recognizing Numbers
  • Recognizing Rhymes
  • Read Aloud Book Time And Story Inferences


  • Alphabets
  • Letter And Number Formation


  • Stories, Songs And Rhymes
  • Conversations
  • Group Discussions
  • Understanding And Interpreting The Spoken Word
  • Tales From The Quran, The Prophet And His Companions and more…