Middle School At A Glance

In Middle School (Class 6 – Class 8) our objective is to make sure that each of our students feels prepared to move forward into their turbulent teen and young adulthood years. Our highly experienced and skilled teaching team focuses on creating strong bonds with our students to help guide them towards becoming the best versions of themselves in these crucial, formative years. At this point in their education our students learn to question and challenge assumptions, reach new insights while maintaining the highest standards respect. This is an important time for students to discover their interests, identify and develop new talents and learn to deal with the new challenges they will face.

Our aim is to engage with our students irrespective of the subject they are focused on. Whether they are dealing with the complexity of mathematics and science or the beauty of English and the language arts or simply beginning to understand their role in the social fabric – engagement with the subject is critical. With interactive lectures, smart use of technology and experimentation, each class is an experiential one, engaging all the senses of the child and enabling them to learn the way they want.

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  • Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling
  • Questioning Skills
  • Writers Workshop
  • Genre Reading And Writing (Fiction And Non-Fiction)
  • Exposition And Creative Writing
  • Short Stories And Poetry

Social Studies

  • Introduction To Geography
  • Culture, Government, Population And Religion
  • Early Humans And Societies
  • Globalization
  • History Of Pakistan


  • Number Theory, Fractions, Decimals And Percentages
  • Geometry, Coordinates, Area And Circles
  • Pre-Algebra Concepts And Skills
  • Operations, Decimals and Integers
  • Rates and Ratios
  • Exponents And Square Roots
  • Probability And Statistics
  • Variables
  • Linear, Quadratic And Exponential Models


  • Properties Of Matter
  • Periodic Table
  • Machines, Electricity, Magnetism
  • Plant Growth And Development
  • Biomes and Human Impact
  • Animal Life
  • Cells and Cellular Life Cycles
  • Organs, DNA And Genes
  • Weather And Climate Change


  • French, Spanish, Chinese
    • Basic Greetings And Salutations
    • Talk About Friends, Family, Pets
    • Learning To Write
    • Talking About Shopping, Describing Personalities
    • Asking and Receiving Permission
    • Buying , Selling and Negotiating

Physical Education

  • Striking, Throwing, Catching
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Frisbee
  • Team Building Fitness