Lower School At A Glance

At Chapterhouse we believe in educating the whole child, providing a strong academic based and develop critical thinking skills. During their time in the Lower School (Nursery – Class V) we deliver lessons from across the academic spectrum including language, art, science, mathematics, technology, social and religious studies. Rather than presenting these areas as separate pods, we create a holistic program that finds and reinforces the links that exist across all these areas. We encourage our children to experiment and learn from their mistakes, teaching them that anything worth getting is worth the hard work required. We make sure that they see themselves in the context of the larger world around them, learning compassion and empath for each other. Our personalized approach ensures that each and every child feels confident in their importance and develops a strong sense of self esteem.

During the Lower School years, we start each day with a morning meeting, students and teachers greet each other, share any concerns they may have, conduct a group activity and hear the announcements for the day. The process is repeated at the end of the day with a similar agenda to reinforce the days accomplishments.  This specific routine helps every child become a respectful speaker and listener, which in turn translates into their learning behavior.

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Reading Skills

  • Phonomic Awareness
  • Sound Symbol Connections and Sight Words
  • Guided Readings – Independent and Partner Based
  • Read Fiction And Non Fiction Texts and Critical Analysis
  • Character Studies and Research
  • Vocabulary And Comprehension


  • Writers Workshop
  • Journal Writing
  • Grammar Rules And Application
  • Handwriting Instruction
  • Poetry Reading And Wrting
  • Narrative And Opinion Based Writing
  • Thoughts And Perspectives
  • Fiction and Non Fiction Writing
  • Cursive Writing and Keyboard Skills

Listening And Speaking

  • Performing For Each Other And Parents (Songs, Poetry, Movement)
  • Show And Tell
  • Group Discussions
  • Partner Pair Shares, Giving and Receiving Directions
  • News Shares, Reading Aloud
  • Listing And Telling Interactive Stories
  • Small And Large Group Presentations (In Class And At Assembly)
  • Writing And Sharing With Peers
  • Active Listening Skills


  • Counting And Making Sense Of Numbers
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Shapes, Colours, Patterns And More…
  • Addition And Subtraction
  • Fractions And Time
  • Multiplication And Division
  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Decimals, Angles, Mixed Numbers


  • Hands On Observation And Exploration To Encourage An Experimental Mindset
  • Basics of Living and Non-Living Organisms
  • Earth Science And Astronomy
  • Electricity And Water
  • Fossils And More….