Computer Science

With a fully equipped Computer Lab, SMART Boards and Tablets, coupled with specific online and web based training resources, Chapterhouse offers a highly effective computer based educational experience. The Computer Science program at Chapterhouse starts in the Lower School by introducing students to critical concepts and problem solving techniques. Students learn through hand-on activities. In Middle School we shift to a more interdisciplinary approach, giving students an understanding of how digital information is encoded and how computers can be used in problem solving capacities. Our Computer Science focus recognizes the growing impact these machines have on every aspect of our lives and how we are likely to conduct ourselves in the future. Our aim is to prepare our students for the reality of technological pervasiveness in their academic, professional and personal lives. We explore the founding principles of computer science and the massive proliferation of digital media across the internet.  We also couple this with a regular look at the real world events being driven by computer science and its off-shoots, preparing students for the world that they will live in.