Our Partner


Excellence is a learned skill and we believe in learning from the best. This is why we have chosen to become and “Affiliate Partner” with Moody’s Prep School, one of the first and arguably the best private preparatory schools in Rawalpindi for our Primary Education Program.

With a storied history of over 37 years, Moody’s students today are doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen and more. Their primary education is second to none, and at Chapterhouse we have incorporated this high standard of excellence into our teaching philosophy and program through our affiliation.

Our relationship with Moody’s is expressed most eloquently by Mrs. M. Asif, Founder and Principal, “For the first time in the over 37 years of running Moody’s Prep School, we have agreed to grant “Affiliate” status to another educational institution.  Partnering with Chapterhouse Education. was a deeply thought out decision, one that was sealed when we observed that their commitment to educational excellence is on par with our own.”

 “I have personally reviewed and approved the Chapterhouse Primary Curriculum and Teaching Methodology and look forward to seeing the school grow to become an inspiration in primary and higher education learning. I look forward to seeing them succeed in their dream”, she added.

We look forward to proving Mrs. Asif’s confidence in our abilities right by creating a true center of excellence in the new heart of the city.