School Services

At Chapterhouse we offer a range of services including transportation, after school clubs, language training, physical education and more on an ongoing basis.  At Chapterhouse, our relationship with you does not simply end at the classroom door. We offer a variety of services and programs to help enhance your education experience.


We have set-up an extensive network of transportation routes in association with several service providers in the area. These services are available for all children aged 4 and above. While children in Playgroup can use these services, due to their age we strongly recommend against it.

After School Clubs

There are several opportunities for students to participate in after-school clubs and activities which include art, computer technology, martial arts, yoga, music and languages. The exact dates and times of these sessions will be made available to you prior to the start of each term.

Sports And Athletics

We offer regular PE classes with a qualified instructor throughout the year. Children are encouraged to incorporate sports and exercise into their day to day activities, creating a sense of optimal wellness for them.