Parent Partners

We believe that the home is a critical part of a child’s educational experience. We see parents as partners and we value your help and support throughout the school experience. Parents are partners in this journey, we need and value your help in making your child’s day happy and successful. The home is a powerful influence on a child’s learning and progress. Encourage your child to be confident, curious and independent and to enjoy school life. These are things which help to build essential skills that will support their learning throughout their school experience. We encourage you as Parent Partners to take an active interest in the many activities and events that take place in the school. We invite you to become a part of the volunteer core that supports the school through classic events like Colour Day, Health Week, Annual Book Fairs and more.  You can also partner with our teachers as guides and chaperones for our field trips and more. Working together we will make sure that your child becomes the best version of themselves in academics and in life.