The Chapterhouse Student Journey – Pandemic Edition
By Dr. Saadia Asif

As you walk towards the main gate at Chapterhouse this week, you will find that some things will be a bit different.  We thought it would be good to share this pandemic edition of Chapterhouse student journey with you in advance.

  1. Wear a surgical or cloth mask as you approach the main gate of the school.
  2. When you walk towards the gate you will see a tray with a mat at the entrance. Step into the tray to disinfect your shoes before entering the school.
  3. Stop in the first red square that you see on the floor. Here, we will check your temperature with an infrared thermometer. If your temperature is normal you will be allowed to proceed.
  4. After your temperature check, you will move to the next table to disinfect your hands. If you do not have a mask (you should have one with you and a spare one in your bag) one will be handed to you at this point.
  5. Now follow the red squares on the floor towards your classes.
  6. Greet your classmates, friends and teachers with one of the many socially distanced greetings like elbow shakes, foot bumps, bows, salutes etc.
  7. Stay in the same seat throughout your class. If you have to get up from your seat, always ask for permission.
  8. Use the washrooms attached to your class. Wash your hands thoroughly after you use the washroom.
  9. Wash your hands before your lunch and then eat it at your desk.
  10. Remain in your classes at school closing time, until your teacher instructs you to move.

At Chapterhouse we will already have taken following measures in the context of Chapterhouse Student Journey – Pandemic Edition:

  1. Disinfected all surfaces that students will come into contact with such as the floors, tables and chairs.
  2. Created individual plastic shields for desks (Grades 1 -6) to give added protection.
  3. Scheduled classes in a way that students remain in their rooms and minimize their exposure to other students and teachers.
  4. Provided all teachers with masks and face shields to ensure that they can teach effectively while still protecting you and themselves.
  5. Eliminated any large gatherings like Assemblies to reduce contact with large groups.