Chapterhouse Partners With Moody’s Prep School
By Dr. Saadia Asif

On January 1, 2018, Chapterhouse Education is delighted to announce that it has finalized an “Affiliate Partner” agreement with Moody’s Prep School for its Primary Education Program. This is the first time in its history as one of the best preparatory schools in the city that Moody’s has granted this status to any institution.

Mrs. Shagun Irfan, Director at Chapterhouse Education, said “We are delighted that Moody’s has agreed to this affiliation, With a storied history of over 37 years, their  students today are doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen and more with a reputation of excellence and a teaching philosophy that we deeply admire”. When asked for comment, Mrs. Mahmooda Asif Founder and Principal said, “For the first time in the over 37 years of running Moody’s Prep School, we have agreed to grant “Affiliate” status to another educational institution.  Partnering with Chapterhouse Education. was a deeply thought out decision, one that was sealed when we observed that their commitment to educational excellence is on par with our own.” 

Chapterhouse Education is a new school located in Gulraiz 3, near the newly emerging residential areas of Bahria and DHA 2. Located in a customized campus, offering the latest amenities including SMART Boards, Tablets, Computer Labs and more, Chapterhouse is the right choice for parents looking for the best that the field of education has to offer. We look forward to proving Mrs. Asif’s confidence in our abilities right by creating a true center of excellence in the new heart of the city.



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    A child’s early years lay the foundation for all that is to come. It is at this stage, children need to learn and develop their cognitive skills. Crazed to see your effort for the preschool. I will surely visit your school for assistance

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    The importance of quality preschool education is discussed very efficiently. It is necessary for children to give him/her the best primary education system to emerge abilities you have discussed abilities. Your preschool looks amazing and unique one.

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