Chapterhouse Eliminates Summer Holiday Fees
By Dr. Saadia Asif

On January 10, 2017 Chapterhouse Education announced that it would not be charging summer tuition fee from its student body. A long-held tradition in schools in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, summer fees have often been considered a hassle and the source of discomfort for parents. In limiting the payment schedule to 10 months, the objective is to make life simpler for the parents during the school year.  It also serves to eliminate the financial pressure during the summer – traditionally a high expense time for most families who are planning their holidays for the season.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Saadia Asif, the Director of the school said, “We believe that by initiating a 10 month fee schedule, payable on a monthly basis we will ease the burden that many parents face when having to pay multiple months fees in a single shot.  Our institution believes in forming a true partnership with our students and their parents and this initiative is in response to the feedback we have received since the announcement of the school launch.” She added.

Chapterhouse Education is a new school located in Gulraiz 3, near the newly emerging residential areas of Bahria and DHA 2. Located in a customized campus, offering the latest amenities including SMART Boards, Tablets, Computer Labs and more, Chapterhouse is the right choice for parents looking for the best that the field of education has to offer.


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